Release by PANG

Light evokes reflection on a sexual reading of the urban landscape. Follow its traces across a cool night in the hot city. Class, race, power and the mixing of the gene pool. Freedom to move relentlessly through this town before it sees another day. Experience the stimulation and feel the rhythm.

Video Projection

Sperm swim across the city

Tool Kit

  • Looping movie file
  • 2400 lumens projector
  • Laptop computer
  • Power inverter
  • Jumper cables
  • Car battery
  • Car


  • Project a looping sperm video from car window onto buildings, storefronts, people
  • Play vintage underground funk oozing with raw soul on car stereo
  • Drive through a diverse urban center


Digital Projection: PANG
Video documentation and editing: vade
Track: Qienes Haverlo (Antes Que Hacerlo) by Bronx River Parkway

Many thanks to:
Erin Clarke for animating the sperm
“[sic]” who drove and played the funky beat