Our best machines are made of sunshine; They are all light and clean because they are nothing but signals, electromagnetic waves, a section of a spectrum, and these machines are eminently portable, mobile

- Haraway , The Cyborg Manifesto
Appropriating imagery at light speed. Scanning the spectrum. Urbanized - glitched with interference. Resonating, reverberating through steel and concrete waveguides we call our homes. Graffiti? All I know is 2400 Lumines is not enough.

434Mhz, 902 Mhz, 906Mhz, 916Mhz, 925.0Mhz, 959.38Mhz, 982.925 Mhz, 1090.00 Mhz, 1223.1Mhz, 2410Mhz ,2433Mhz, 2452Mhz, 2472Mhz, 2481Mhz. These frequencies are meaningful: